My Battle with the Web

2 weeks ago, I was gung ho for creating my new portfolio site. Well..Yeah, I haven’t worked on it at all. I have to eventually finish start the site as I have already purchased a 2 year domain but I just feel deflated.

As a new “designer” there is a degree of pressure to understand/design for the web as some believe that this is where the industry is heading. Perhaps my resistance for biting the bullet and forcing my “none web brain” into submission is I don’t really want to do web design. Not yet anyways.

In “An Open Letter to Graphic Design Students: Don’t Follow the Web, Follow Your Heart“, Timothy Goodman eases my worries and fears by encouraging newbies to stick to their guns.

“We definitely need more young graphic designers who are working on building a unique and articulate voice within the industry. And even more so, we need articulate young designers to be actively doing great work, too.”

That what I want to do. I want to make great work and beautiful things.



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